Delicate Two-Tone Loop in Loop Necklace

Ancient Greek Drachm in 14K gold setting.
Coin circa 325 B.C.
I received a custom request for a necklace to suit a very special pendant, a gift for a 50th wedding anniversary. The pendant is an ancient Greek drachm, dating to approximately 325 B.C., set into a 14K gold setting. I was incredibly please with how this item turned out.

The pendant is stunning, and the client asked what kind of chain I would

recommend. There was no doubt that it had to be a loop-in-loop chain, since that type of chain was made during this time period. I also felt it would be perfect to have a chain combining silver and gold to highlight both metals in the pendant. Also, combining the metals would help to keep the cost down a bit since the 22K gold used in a chain like this gets very expensive.

This was a really fun, special project, and my first time working in 22K gold. What a wonderful metal to work with! I documented the process and am happy to share it below.

Materials needed to make the necklace: 22K gold and fine silver wire.
Winding the wire into coils to make the rings.
The cut rings, as well as rings that have been shaped after fusing.
Fusing the rings into closed circles.
Rings after they have been fused, shaped and tumbled. After
heating, the 22K gold oxidizes so it is necessary to pickle
and tumble to bring out the beautiful shine.

Rings sorted and ready to weave.
Finished necklace, prior to adding the clasp.

The finished piece, on my happy client!

What a wonderful feeling to be a part of celebrating such a special milestone!

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