Symbolism in My Designs

Symbolism is very important to me as I create many of my jewelry designs. While sometimes the design itself speaks to me, many times it's the meaning, or feeling, of the piece that comes before the design.

The Circle

The circle is a powerful symbol that has been important to humans as long as recorded history. It is a universal symbol in most cultures, often symbolizing wholeness, completeness, infinity and timelessness. Cultures throughout time have used the circle to
represent people or ideas considered to be flawless. Halos were placed on the heads of important religious figures, such as Jesus and Mary, to symbolize their purity and wholeness. A circle is strength, unity, and perfection… Many of my pieces highlight this powerful, universal symbol, using it as a building block to create modern, elegant pieces of jewelry.


I believe in harmony, in ourselves, in nature and in the world. There are many symbols and images that can remind us of this harmony, of themes such as peace, love, tranquility and acceptance.

Many symbols I use are from nature, including the dove (signifying love, grace, promise, purity, hopefulness), animals and flowers. I also often incorporate the teardrop shape in my work. In Feng Shui, the teardrop shaped crystal signifies the end of tears and the beginning of joy and happiness. I also use Chinese and/or Japanese symbols and often use the heart, which symbolizes love. I believe love brings us peace, contentment and joy.

My hope is that as you wear my jewelry, it will speak to your spirit.

The Big Symbols Book, by Eili Goldberg

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