Double Loop-in-Loop Chains

The simplest form of the double loop-in-loop chain is shown below. This was the predominant chain type of the ancient world. This is a one-way pattern where one single link is put through two previous links.

Just as was the case with the single loop-in-loop chains, the next progression is the two-way double loop-in-loop chain, a beautiful, round chain. This chain is begun with two formed links laying across each other in the shape of an X. As links are placed, the chain is rotated 90 degrees, alternating sides into which the new links are placed. The needle in the photo below shows the path of the next link.

These chains can become increasingly complex as you add directions, such as the three-way double loop-in-loop and the four-way double loop-in-loop chains. I personally have not made these chains since they make a truly hefty chain and I prefer more delicate, slender chains.

One modification of this type of weave was developed by Jean Stark, is called Thai Weave. This is essentially a double loop-in-loop variant done on a diagonal, producing a gorgeous, flat chain.

This will be my final blog post in this series describing the loop-in-loop chains, but there are many wonderful variations I haven’t covered. If you’re interested in learning more, I highly recommend Jean Stark’s book, Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains.

Happy Weaving!

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