I am a self-taught artist and mother of four who lives in beautiful Central Pennsylvania. About 12 years ago, I discovered the art of chainmaille and I was immediately hooked. I opened Korte Jewelry Designs mid-2014, and have been slowly working to grow my business and expand my techniques.

I especially love the intricate work of chain-making which creates tactile, beautiful chains, using centuries-old techniques. The art of chainmaille has been around well before the Medieval Ages and was originally used to make flexible armor. Coils of wire are cut with a jeweler’s saw to form individual rings, which are then woven together to create a chain or mesh. My chainmaille work is different than that of many other chainmaille artists by the incorporation of both silver and gold and also the use of very small rings, resulting in very delicate and intricate chains.

Another ancient chain-making technique I use is called Loop-in-Loop, a technique which dates back to nearly 3000 B.C. This differs from chainmaille in that each ring, made from fine silver wire, is first fused into a closed circle, shaped, and then woven into the chain. This is a time-intensive process that results in stunning, fluid chains. During the process of creating these chains, I feel as if I am touching a piece of history.

The latest technique I am working to learn is called chasing and repoussé, which also dates back nearly 5000 years. Probably the best known work utilizing this technique is the mummy mask of Tutankhamun as well as the Statue of Liberty.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work and share in this wonderful journey. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or phone, 724-567-8353, if you have any questions!