I love to make one of a kind pieces, utilizing techniques that are thousands of years old. I also love learning new (to me) techniques and incorporating those into my work, so my work is constantly evolving. Every piece of jewelry is completely handmade by me, with the exception of the stones... all of the rings, earwires, clasps and other components. I am always happy to work with you on a custom design, so please don't hesitate to contact me with your ideas. A complete catalog of available items is available upon request, or you are invited to visit my Etsy shop. For more information or to place an order, please call, 724-567-8353, or email.

I specialize in handmade chains, primarily using two different techniques. The first is chainmaille, where individual rings are opened, woven into the chain, and then closed. More information on this technique is in this blog post. An even older technique I use is called Loop-in-Loop (described further in this post), a technique dating back nearly 5000 years. This technique is different from chainmaille in that each ring is first fused into a closed circle, formed into a shape, and then woven into the chain. This makes stunning, fluid chains. There are numerous examples of this type of chain from the Ancient Etruscans and Romans in museums today.

I've also begun incorporating a technique called chasing and repousse, where small tools and a hammer are used to push metal both from the front and from the back to essentially sculpt the metal. While a time-consuming process, the possibilities using this technique are endless! 

My hope is that my jewelry will speak to your spirit and that you will feel a connection to our past as you wear these pieces, made using the same techniques as our ancestors.

Recent Work