Vertebrae Bracelet

Vertebrae Bracelet


While I as at a show, I had a customer come up and show me a bracelet similar to this, and asked if I could make something similar. I just love the story behind this chain.

My Opa (Grandfather) gave the bracelet to my mom for her 16th birthday in 1952 in West Germany. My mom gave to my sister, who admired it for years. I also fell in love with it every time I saw my sister with it on… its really quit mesmerizing. And after many, many years of trying to find someone to replicate it, we met you. Thank you so much for your beautiful artwork, time and patience to figure it out.  

This is a slightly different version of the bracelet I made for the customer. It is fine silver, and will fit a wrist size of 6-1/2 to 7 inches. It is finished with a handmade hook clasp.

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