Sea Turtle Pendant with Handmade Chain

Sea Turtle Pendant with Handmade Chain


The sterling silver pendant was lovingly created entirely by hand, using an ancient technique called chasing and repousse. This 5000 year old technique uses small, specialized tools and a hammer to push and form the metal, either from the front of the piece or from behind. This is a time-intensive, meditative technique, which produces a unique result. On the back of the pendant there is an image of a sea turtle.

This chain was woven using a technique called Loop in Loop, which predates chainmaille and dates back nearly 5000 years. This was the predominant type of chain the Ancient Romans used. The specific weave used for this chain is called single loop in loop, which means that a single ring is woven into the previous ring.

There are over 100 links woven into this chain. Each of the links is formed into a circle, fused into a closed loop, shaped, and then these closed loops are woven into the chain.

This 20 inch chain is made with fine silver and is finished with a swivel lobster clasp, the pendant is approximately 1-1/2 inches long and is sterling silver.

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