My Favorite Things Custom Cuff Bracelet

My Favorite Things Custom Cuff Bracelet


Are you looking for something absolutely unique for yourself or as a gift for a very special person? Work with me to design your very own cuff bracelet. The possibilities are endless, and I will work with you to design something just for you.

The cuff pictured is one I made for myself. Each image represents something very important in my life. The larger diamond in the middle represents my husband, and the four gold balls represent each of my children. The remaining diamonds on the bracelet represent loved ones who cannot be by my side.

These sterling silver cuffs are created entirely by hand using an ancient sculpting technique called chasing and repousse, where small, blunt tools and a hammer are used to push the metal from the back to create depth and from the front to create detail. Diamond and 18K gold accents can be added to your piece, but the addition of these items might increase the price.

Once ordered, I will work with you to design your special piece. After you approve the design, please allow 3-4 weeks for me to complete your piece.

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