Phlox Bracelet

Phlox Bracelet


The Phlox plant, name of which is derived from the Greek word phlox meaning flame in reference to the intense flower colors of some varieties, is a diverse group of plants which are found mostly in North America (one in Siberia). They live in diverse habitats from alpine tundra to open woodlands and prairies. Some flower in spring, others in summer and fall, and the, sometimes fragrant, flowers may be pale blue, violet, pink, bright red, or white.

These phlox flowers were handmade using an ancient sculpting technique called chasing and repousse, which uses small, blunt tools to push the metal from behind (repousse) to create depth and add detail from the front (chasing). No molds, stamps or machines were used in the process, so each piece is absolutely unique due to thousands of hammer blows it takes to create each image.

The flowers sit within a handmade chain that is finished with a handmade sister clasp. This clasp is considered one of the most secure types of clasp. The reverse of the flowers has a cut out of the phlox flower and also the leaves of the plant.

The bracelet is sterling silver and fits a 7 inch wrist, although it’s easily made smaller by linking to a different link in the chain.

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