About the Artist

I am a self-taught artist and mother of four, living in beautiful Central Pennsylvania. About 14 years ago, I discovered the art of chainmaille and I was immediately hooked. I opened Korte Jewelry Designs mid-2014, and have been slowly working to grow my business and expand my techniques. All of my work is created entirely by hand, and the chains you see in my shop are handwoven from individual rings. I also offer prefabricated chains with some of my pendants, allowing you the flexibility to purchase a handcrafted chain of your choosing.

My discovery of chainmaille led me to another chain-making technique called loop-in-loop, which considerably predates chainmaille. I quickly became fascinated with the intricacies of the work of the Ancients and studied more of their techniques, including granulation and chasing and repousse. Granulation is the art of fusing small tiny balls of silver or gold onto another piece of metal, using only heat and without the addition of any solder. Chasing and repousse is a forming and sculpting process done using small tools and a hammer.

To think that we are using the same jewelry making techniques used 5000 years ago!